T H E   L O V E R S

Positive attributes : “It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. I cried. I cry at everything, but this thing was special.”

Negative attributes : “I can only handle about 1.5 days of rain at a time. Sorry to the entire Pacific Northwest.”

May 2019 : Salem & Seaside, Oregon

Keywords : “Companionship, and the optimism that comes with it. The beauty of finding your person and making a family.“

Life Situations : “The first conversation Caroline and I had was about race relations in the South. We bopped around Oregon, following the wedding party, reminiscing about shared experiences in different lives. How happy we were for the brides. How we’d found kindred spirits in each other. Foils to foils.”

In Reverse : “The sand on the beach was so fine. I drew a labyrinth with a stick. My eyes were hazy, stomach full. We all need a bit of oblivion.”

As a Yes or No Question : “Knot after knot after knot. Love exists. It persists. She says yes.”

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