Mexico City

T H E   S U N

Positive attributes : “For the first time in years, I felt my physicality. I lived in my body instead of in my head. I wasn’t a self-conscious American tourist.”

Negative attributes : “Except in front of cute Australian boys.”

February 2019 : Mexico City, Mexico

Keywords : “Joy. Release. Hot feet pressing into the flat gravel of Teotihuacan, a breeze drifting into the caves. Missing the last bus back to the city and feeling exuberant despite our foibles. Happy to be loved. Happy to love.“

Life Situations : “At the hostel, a guy named Nyan said he’d ridden his bike to fifty countries and faced off with a tiger in Myanmar. He hadn’t been back to India in years. I wondered if he was lonely, then I told myself not to invent narratives for people I didn’t know.“

In Reverse : “I was tempted to escape. One week could turn into one year, easily. Be patient. Be here now.”

As a Yes or No Question : “Swimming in the absurdity of binary code, of cheap Eminem lyrics, of oil tankers and accents — the richness of human life in all of its mundanity. Here, it is always a yes.”

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