where were you when i laid the foundations of the earth?
did you know what happened?
did you care?

why should i be good, when you aren’t?

| 1 |
leaving it behind
we head to the tropics.

panama-textures-3 panama-textures-5panama-textures-22 panama-textures-2 panama-textures-14 panama-textures-33panama-textures-27

| 2 |
lost and speaking br o ken spanish
and outdated gringo peace offerings

what i want to do, i can’t do. i do what i hate.

i look across the canal into panamanian eyes.

panama-textures-13 panama-textures-40 panama-textures-30 panama-textures-19 panama-textures-25 panama-textures-4panama-textures-34panama-textures-11panama-textures-15

| 3 |
we give up and drink cheap cervezas
surrounded by neon stucco walls

what are we to you?


| 4 |

tell us a story from before we can remember

the man with black skin gets off on anti-american radio shows
i want to show him i agree but his city has locked him out for twenty years
and i am the face of the enemy


| 5 |
a cuba libre is just a rum and coke.

make me good. make me brave.


credit: the tree of life by terrence malick

5 thoughts on “panama

  1. It’s so lovely. Also, Tree of Life is my favorite movie of all time. And you work often reminds me of it!

    …and now they are together… (right?)


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