Route 66

“As people were long mistaken about the motion of the sun, so they are even yet mistaken about the motion of what is to come.”

— Rilke

Dream I

I wandered around a large bureaucratic building in Las Vegas, into what looked to be a teacher’s lounge. I sat at a patio table, the plastic ones with gooey holes all through them and seats connected at the bottom.

Dream II

My boyfriend looked like the lead character from Brink. A terrible loss had happened but it seemed like a lot for Brink to handle, so he ignored it.

Dream III

I was waiting in line for an interactive art piece — the artist would put you in a chair and make you look at a blank blue canvas and think for awhile.

Dream IV

I was in a fast food restaurant — we were trying to repair a house, maybe my house. We were donating to many diseased children, but some people got into arguments on what to donate.

Dream V

Leah and I stopped in a labyrinth of shops, mostly closed even though it was broad daylight. I talked to a man behind a beaded curtain; I got lost and realized we were in France. I saw an Eiffel Tower but it wasn’t lit up, so it blended in as night came.

Dream VI

I was on a ship with a lot of other people, but I’d already been in this exact situation. The ship began to fill with water — I sputtered and had to have someone help me. I was taking photos with my phone underwater, worried it’d get damaged. In our rooms, water dripped from the ceilings onto our bags like a fruit mister.

Dream VII

Everything transformed into a theatre, seats rising upward, dark except for a light on the stage illuminating a single cat. The cat began to sing, gesturing in human ways, crawling toward me into the stands.

The lights came up and the theatre was filled with people dressed in amazing animal makeup — apes, lions, all wearing black ties and wedding dresses. The person next to me said it’s incredible to find someone you love enough to spend the rest of your life with.

Dream VIII

I was in the shower but forgot to bring my change of clothes. Next door I heard a group talking about Christ and contemplation, and there were all these Jesus sayings in the shower. I wanted to join.

Dream IX

I was making eggs with Conor Oberst in a house-turned-restaurant. He had his own strange breakfast concoctions, and I felt a bit intimidated by his presence.

Dream X

Matt and I wandered around a town with medieval scenery, filled with labyrinthine passageways. We went into hiding in a schoolhouse bunker — we wanted many things to happen and were disappointed when they didn’t.

Dream XI

I maybe lived in the future, or at least somewhere no actual humans lived. Just a bunch of various creatures going about their lives.

They flew me through space and time to get to a giant wall of endless square pods. I’m not sure why I was there at all, but there was no trace of a coronavirus. I still felt anxious.

Dream XII

We searched for a movie on an Indian streaming channel. It was a story of changing identities.

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