T H E   M O O N

Positive attributes : “I was lost in the pouring rain with only a soggy map to guide me. I hadn’t seen another human in hours. I climbed a small hill and stared at a cruise ship in the distance, eating a greasy leftover sandwich. I wondered whether I should go forward or back.”

Negative attributes : “I went back.”

April 2018 : Seattle, Washington

Keywords : “Confusion. Dealing with personal and professional failure. Reading a lot of self-help books in the bathtub, in the hostel, in Volunteer Park while highly caffeinated and utterly stumped. Caring about not caring.”

Life Situations : “Why was I taking so many photos of the ground? Of inanimate objects? Where were all the people?”

In Reverse : “Magda and I rode the streetcar and ate single-slice pizza, went to strange bars I can’t remember, at least cerebrally. It was the most lovely thing I’d experienced.”

As a Yes or No Question : “Would I leave my city? Yes. Would I come back to this one? Probably not. But it was a nice trip.”

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